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Air Valves

Air & Vacuum Valves

Air & vacuum valves are designed to vent large quantities of air when filling pipelines, and to allow air to re-enter pipelines when draining to prevent vacuum collapse.

CrispinSpecializing in air release, check valves and butterfly valves, Crispin-Multiplex Manufacturing Company has served the international valve industry since 1905. Their products are used in almost every application where water or liquid is moved from one place to another - from pipeworks in the municipal water industry to a wide range of applications across a variety of markets.

International ValveInternational Valve has engineered, designed, developed and introduced to the US market a new Combination Water and Sewage Air Relief Valve. Their patent pending air valve offers significant advancements in multi-orifice air relief valve technology, and are now available in Vent-Tech’s exclusive and patent pending product line.