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Control Valves

Control Valves for the Municipal Market

Ross ValveWhether you're interested in finding a valve recommendation for a new project, looking to replace an old instruction manual, or for anything in between, our interactive catalog puts the information quickly at your fingertips. You can easily drill down through the layers to get to the product information you need, or you can custom build a valve to your exact specifications.

Baliley ValveThe Bailey Valve Model B-5 sleeve valve has been designed to incorporate features that provide superior valve performance for inline flow control and pressure reduction applications. Typical applications for the model B-5 are water treatment plant flow control, pump control, tank level control, metering vaults, reservoir discharge and ground water recharge.

Red ValveRed Valve Control Pinch Valves offer maximum durability with precise control and virtually no maintenance. A heavy-duty, rugged pinch mechanism positions the sleeve, resulting in accurate flow control. Red Valve Control Pinch Valves have no packing to maintain or seats to wear, no fugitive emissions and no need for expensive body alloys.