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Knife Gate Valves

MVE Carries a Complete Line of Knife Gate Valves

Red ValveRed Valve's Knife Gate Valves are the perfect compliment to our broad range of slurry handling products. All Red Valve knife gate valves are designed and engineered to a higher standard, to provide the best performance possible. Standard features such as precision-machines gates, heavy-duty topworks and cast-iron bodies up to 24" make the valves rugged and dependable. Other features such as replaceable wear seats, simplified packing replacement or solid stainless steel linings make the valves affordable and easy to maintain.
Delta Weir Knife GateDelta Weir offers some of the industry’s most trusted knife gate and slurry valves for mining, power, water and process applications. Delta Weir strives to combine application expertise, innovative product technology and advanced engineering to truly create a value-added partnership with our customers.